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  ·  Ecological impacts and restoration of industrial sites: roles of bryophytes and graminoid vascular plants
  ·  The rise and fall of photosynthate: Evolution of plant/fungus interactions from paleobotanical and phylogenomic perspectives

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Tuesday, July 28th

Tuesday, July 28th, 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm · Salon 13/The Shaw Conference Centre
Session SY10: Symposium: Advances in Modelling Plant Development
Presiding: Moira Galway, St. Francis Xavier University
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SY10002July 28th 1:45 pmSalon 13/The Shaw Conference CentreModels of Bacterial Colonization of Root Tips Must Include Root Development
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Symposium PresentationDupouy, Lionel X.; Silk, Wendy K..rhizosphere
root tip
root growth
bacterial colonization
Lagrangian specification
plant microbe interactions
SY10003July 28th 2:15 pmSalon 13/The Shaw Conference CentreMorphogenesis of jigsaw-puzzle shaped leaf pavement cells
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Symposium PresentationJafari Bidhendi, Amir; Altartouri, Bara; Geitmann, Anja.Cell wall
leaf micromorphology
SY10004July 28th 2:45 pmSalon 13/The Shaw Conference CentreTowards a computational model of the development and diversity of inflorescences
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Symposium PresentationOwens, Andrew Robert; Prusinkiewicz, Przemyslaw.inflorescences
July 28th 3:15 pmSalon 13/The Shaw Conference CentreBreak
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SY10006July 28th 3:45 pmSalon 13/The Shaw Conference CentreROS (reactive oxygen species) controls sepal growth
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Symposium PresentationHong, Lilan; Routier-Kierzkowska, Anne-Lise; Dumond, Mathilde; Boudaoud, Arezki; Smith, Richard S.; Roeder, Adrienne.organ size
reactive oxygen species
FtsH4 gene
SY10007July 28th 4:15 pmSalon 13/The Shaw Conference CentreChemical patterning dynamics in conifer cotyledon formation
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Symposium PresentationHolloway, David.Conifer
pattern formation
July 28th 4:45 pmSalon 13/The Shaw Conference CentreDiscussion
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