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For A Broader view for Plant EvoDevo: novel approaches for diverse model systems

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alternation of generations (1 Abstract)
ancestral state reconstruction (1 Abstract)
catkin (1 Abstract)
Development (1 Abstract)
developmental toolkits (1 Abstract)
evo devo (2 Abstracts)
Evolution (1 Abstract)
ferns (1 Abstract)
flower evolution (1 Abstract)
funcitonal analyses (1 Abstract)
gene regulatory networks (1 Abstract)
genomics (1 Abstract)
gymnosperms (1 Abstract)
land plants (1 Abstract)
leaves (1 Abstract)
lycophytes (1 Abstract)
MADS-domain protein (1 Abstract)
Morphospace (1 Abstract)
multicellularity (1 Abstract)
non tradiitonal model systems (1 Abstract)
protein protein interactions (2 Abstracts)
Salicaceae (1 Abstract)

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