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For Recent advances in phylogeny and systematics of Brassicaceae

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adaptation (1 Abstract)
Brassicaceae (6 Abstracts)
Cardamine (1 Abstract)
comparative chromosome painting (1 Abstract)
Cruciferae (2 Abstracts)
Current taxonomy (1 Abstract)
Divergence time estimates (1 Abstract)
edaphic specialization (1 Abstract)
exaptation (1 Abstract)
genomic in situ hybridization (1 Abstract)
genomics (1 Abstract)
herbivory (1 Abstract)
long non-coding RNAs (1 Abstract)
Molecular clock (1 Abstract)
Morphological characters (1 Abstract)
Nuclear genes (1 Abstract)
phylogenomics (1 Abstract)
Phylogeny (2 Abstracts)
plant competitive ability (1 Abstract)
plant secondary chemistry (1 Abstract)
Polyploidy (1 Abstract)
serpentine (1 Abstract)
Superrosids (1 Abstract)
Transcriptome (1 Abstract)

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