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For Ecological impacts and restoration of industrial sites: roles of bryophytes and graminoid vascular plants

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Abiotic stress (1 Abstract)
agronomic herbaceous species (1 Abstract)
bog (1 Abstract)
boreal ecosystems (1 Abstract)
Bryophyte (1 Abstract)
bryophytes (3 Abstracts)
Carbon loss (1 Abstract)
decomposition (1 Abstract)
fen (2 Abstracts)
graminoid (2 Abstracts)
mine afforestation (1 Abstract)
mine tailings (1 Abstract)
moss (1 Abstract)
NEE (1 Abstract)
oil sands (1 Abstract)
Peatland (1 Abstract)
peatlands (2 Abstracts)
peat moss (1 Abstract)
plantation trees (1 Abstract)
plant interactions (1 Abstract)
plants (1 Abstract)
reclamation (2 Abstracts)
restoration (1 Abstract)
restoration ecology (1 Abstract)
seedling recruitment (1 Abstract)
Sequestered carbon (1 Abstract)
waste rocks (1 Abstract)
Wood-strand Mulch (1 Abstract)

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