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25002Salon 16/The Shaw Conference CentreWood anatomy of Norway spruce and Scots pine under warming and elevated CO2
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EcophysiologyPaperBui, Vi; Stangl, Zsofia; Hurry, Vaughan; Huner, Norman; Way, Danielle.climate change
stem anatomy
annual ring
26002Hall B/The Shaw Conference CentreFunctional evolution of NAC-domain transcription factors is implicated in the evolution of petal fusion
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Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo-Devo)PaperZhong, Jinshun; Powell, Sarah; Powers, Beck; Preston, Jill.fused petals
organ boundary formation
Virus-induced gene silencing
27002Hall A/The Shaw Conference CentreGibberellin increases seed sink strength in Pisum sativum L.
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Biochemistry, metabolism, carbon fluxPaperWaduthanthri, Kosala Dinuka; Ozga, Jocelyn A.; Kaur, Harleen; Reinecke, Dennis M..Gibberellin
Carbohydrate partitioning
Cell expansion
Seed Development
28002Salon 13/The Shaw Conference CentreAn Updated Comprehensive Study Of Cretaceous-Paleogene Angiosperms From Argentina
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Paleobotanical SectionPaperGandolfo, Maria A.; Zamaloa, Maria C.; Archangelsky, Ana; Archangelsky, Sergio; Barreda, Viviana; Cuneo, N. Ruben; Hermsen, Elizabeth; Iglesias, Ari; Llorens, Magdalena; Narvaez, Paula; Passalia, Mauro; Perez Lonaize, Valeria; Povilauskas, Leticia; Pramparo, Mercedes B.; Puebla, Griselda; Quattrocchio, Mirta; Romero, Edgardo J.; Vallati, Patricia; Wilf, Peter.angiosperms
29002Salon 1/The Shaw Conference Centre
Variability of fungal root endophyte communities in the aquatic macrophyte Typha
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Mycological SectionPaperKlymiuk, Ashley A.; Sikes, Benjamin A..fungal endophyte
Aquatic plants
emergent vegetation
31002Salon 4/The Shaw Conference CentreEvolution of the hemi-epiphythic Aroids
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Systematics Section/ASPTPaperZuluaga, Alejandro; Cameron, Kenneth M..Araceae
Genome skimming
32002Salon 11/The Shaw Conference CentreMultiplexed-shotgun-genotyping data resolve phylogeny within a very recently-derived insular lineage
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PhylogenomicsPaperMort, Mark; Crawford, Daniel J.; Kelly, John K.; Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo; Menezes de Sequeira, Miguel; Moura, Mónica; Caujapé-Castells, Juli.Macaronesia
genome sequencing
Canary Islands
33002Salon 10/The Shaw Conference CentreDisentangling the phylogeny of Isoetes
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Systematics Section/ASPTPaperLarsén, Eva; Rydin, Catarina.Isoetes
molecular dating
34002Salon 9/The Shaw Conference CentreHelping Transfer Students: Drafting Passport Learning Outcomes and Proficiency Criteria for Natural Science General Education Courses
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Teaching SectionPaperNepal, Madhav P.; Turner, Robert; Shea, Patricia A..Interstate Passport Initiative
Interstate Student Transfer Pathways
Passport Learning Outcomes (PLOs)
Proficiency Criteria (PC)
Natural Science General Education Courses
35002Salon 6/The Shaw Conference CentreA Preliminary Analysis of the Changing Flora of Baker Woodlot
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Ecological SectionPaperPerez, Amy Amanda; Kolp, Matthew R.; Chansler, Matt; Springer, Joshua C.; Prather, L. Alan.floristics
36002Salon 5/The Shaw Conference CentreGuyanagaster necrorhizus harbors nitrogen-fixing bacteria—fitness implications for this dispersal-limited fungus
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Symbioses: Plant, Animal, and Microbe InteractionsPaperKoch, Rachel A.; Aime, M. Catherine.Guyana
fungal biology
mushroom evolution
tri-kingdom mutualism
37002Salon 2/The Shaw Conference CentreThe Role of Agronomy in a Technological World
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AgronomyPaperGrant, Cindy.agronomy
Technology integration
food security
SY07002Hall C/The Shaw Conference CentreReclaiming Peatlands after Oil Sands Mining: Plant Responses after Two Years at Sandhill Fen
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Ecological impacts and restoration of industrial sites: roles of bryophytes and graminoid vascular plants SymposiumVitt, Dale H.; House, Melissa; Ebbs, Stephen; Glaeser, Lilyan; Hazen, Renee.moss
SY08002Salon 17/18/The Shaw Conference CentreThe ecological side of an ethnobotanical coin: how long do our selective impacts on the landscape persist?
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Underutilized Crops for Secure and Green FuturesSymposiumRoss, Nanci J..ethnobotany
unconscious selection
historical ecology
land-use history
in situ management
SY09002Salon 3/The Shaw Conference CentreIntroduction to fungal genome sequencing and assembly
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What can Next Generation Fungal Genome Sequencing do for you?SymposiumHsiang, Tom.genomics
High-throughput Sequencing

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