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66004Salon 19/20/The Shaw Conference CentreInnovation vs. Invasion: Innovative Techniques to Assist the Eradication of Weed Populations
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Conservation BiologyPaperChandler, Brad James.Weed control
unmanned aerial vehicle
innovative control techniques
detector dog
67004Salon 1/The Shaw Conference CentreThermophilic fungi in corn grain: Potential implications on grain quality and human health
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Mycological SectionPaperPorras-Alfaro, Andrea; Sandona, Katrina; Tobias, Terri.Thermophiles
68004Salon 8/The Shaw Conference CentreVariation in bark physical and chemical traits in a wet lower montane tropical forest
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Ecological SectionPaperJones, Jennifer Marie; Katie, Heineman; James, Dalling.bark
Tropical forest
69004Salon 11/The Shaw Conference CentreX-Rays vision for uncovering reproductive investment in plants as a function of breeding system
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Developmental and Structural SectionPaperKreisberger, Thomas; Pamperl, Susanne; Chartier, Marion; Manafzadeh, Sara; Handschuh, Stephan; Sontag, Susanne; Paulus, Hannes; Schoenenberger, Juerg; Staedler, Yannick Marc.Computed Tomography
pollen/ovule ratio
pollen count
ovule count
breeding system
pollinator deception
reproductive investment
70004Salon 10/The Shaw Conference CentreFrom the Ground Up: Evolution of Shape in the Moss Sporophyte (Bryophyta) and its Implications for Land Plant Diversification
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Bryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSPaperRose, Jeff; Kriebel, Ricardo; Sytsma, Kenneth J..sporophyte
alternation of generations
land plants
71004Salon 6/The Shaw Conference CentrePopulation genetics of Phaedranassa cuencana Minga, C. Ulloa & Oleas (Amaryllidaceae), an endemic species of Southern Ecuador
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Population GeneticsPaperOleas, Nora H.; Peñafiel, Nicolás; Minga, Danilo; Francisco-Ortega, Javier; Meerow, Alan W..
72004Salon 3/The Shaw Conference CentreThe role of small herbaria in contributing to the understanding of biodiversity patterns
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BiogeographyPaperMarsico, Travis D.; Caron, Jeremey; Carter, Richard; Gillespie, Emily; Krimmel, Erica R.; Lowe, Phillip D.; McCauley, Ross A.; Morris, Ashley; Nelson, Gil; Smith, Michelle; Monfils, Anna.herbarium
small collection
county record
spatial pattern
invasive species
rare plant
73004Salon 9/The Shaw Conference CentreHigh quality sequence data from poor quality herbarium DNAs through hybridization-based target enrichment
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PhylogenomicsPaperVillegas-Ramirez, Berenice; Yant, Levi; Xi, Zhenxiang; Webb, Campbell; Mathews, Sarah.Alangium
species phylogeny
herbarium DNA
Sequence capture
C6004Salon 5/The Shaw Conference CentreEarly Eocene Physalis fruits from Patagonia turn back the clock on evolution of Solanaceae and inflated calyx syndrome
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Mesozoic and Cenozoic plant evolution and biotic change: A symposium in honor of Ruth StockeyColloquiumWilf, Peter; Carvalho, Monica R.; Gandolfo, Maria A.; Cuneo, N. Ruben.solanaceae
Inflated Calyx Syndrome
Laguna del Hunco
SY17003Salon 15/16/The Shaw Conference CentrePhylogeny-based biodiversity assessment in the Chilean flora
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Phylogenetic approaches to understanding biodiversity and endemismSymposiumScherson, Rosa Amelia; Urbina-Casanova, Rafael; Carvallo, Gastón O.; Pinochet, Constanza; Pliscoff, Patricio; Arroyo, Mary T.K..phylogenetic diversity
Native flora
SY18003Hall A/The Shaw Conference CentreWill climate change exacerbate or mitigate plant drought stress?
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Plant Resilience to Climate ChallengesSymposiumWay, Danielle.drought stress
boreal forests
climate change
plant hydraulics
SY19003Salon 4/The Shaw Conference CentrePolyploid Formation Shapes Flowering Plant Diversity
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The evolutionary importance of polyploidySymposiumScarpino, Samuel V.; Levin, Donald A.; Meyers, Lauren Ancel.Polyploidy
ratchet model
diversification rates

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