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Genomics / Proteomics

Wang, Zhishuo [1], Wang, Ying [1], Kohalmi, Susanne [1], Amyot, Lisa [2], Hannoufa, Abdelali [2].

The miR156/SPL network determine floral organ development and plant fertility by regulating AS2 gene.

Siliques, the photosynthetically active seed capsules, play important roles in the plant sexual reproduction, and male infertility strongly influences silique development in Arabidopsis thaliana. MicroRNA156 (miR156) is known as an essential factor in determining plant developmental phase transition. Here, we show that the miR156-targeted SBP-box transcription factor coding gene SQUAMOSA PROMOTER BINDING PROTEIN-LIKE 2 (SPL2) regulates pollen production and in turn affects male fertility in Arabidopsis. Moreover, the elongation of floral organs, including petals and sepals, as well as siliques, is also controlled by miR156/SPL2 pathway. Intriguingly, the ASYMMETRIC LEAVES 2 (AS2), a transcription factor which belongs to the AS2/LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES family, has been shown to play an important role in plant reproduction. When compared to wild-type plants, AS2 loss-of-function mutants share certain similarities in phenotypes with SPL2 dominant-negative mutant (chimeric repressor-expressing plants) and miR156 overexpression plants, such as decreased fertility rate and possession of defected floral organs. Furthermore, the transcript levels of AS2 were repressed in both miR156 overexpression plants and SPL2 dominant-negative mutant. We further provide evidence that SPL2 protein can bind to the promoter region of the AS2 gene in vivo to affect its expression. Our results suggest that miR156 and SPL2 affect silique and floral organ development by regulating the transcription of AS2 gene.

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1 - Western University, Biology, 1151 Richmond Street, London, ON, N6A 5B7, CA
2 - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 1391 Sandford Street, London, ON, N5V 4T3, CA


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Location: Hall D/The Shaw Conference Centre
Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PGP011
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Candidate for Awards:Genetics Section Poster Award

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