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Choi, Tae Young [1], Park, Chong-Wook [1].

A phylogeny of Pyrrosia Mirb. (Polypodiaceae) inferred from chloroplast DNA sequences.

The genus Pyrrosia Mirb. (Polypodiaceae) comprises about 50 taxa, which are mainly distributed in southeast Asia. Most taxa within the genus are highly variable in morphology, resulting in taxonomic confusion in determining the boundaries and relationships of the taxa. In this study, we examined chloroplast rbcL, trnL–trnF IGS and atpF–atpH IGS sequences from 24 taxa of the genus to elucidate their phylogenetic relationships. Maximum parsimony analyses of the combined cpDNA data set showed that the species of Pyrrosia examined in this study as a whole formed a strongly supported monophyletic group. In addition, three major clades were recovered: 1) a clade containing widespread P. porosa and the east Asian species, 2) a clade containing P. lingua and species found primarily in southeast Asia, and 3) a clade consisting of widespread P. lanceolata, P. longifolia, and P. piloselloides. These groupings, however, appear to be incongruent with the traditional infrageneric classification scheme based on blade and spore morphology.

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1 - Seoul National University, School of biological Sciences, College of Natural Sciences, Seoul, 151-747, Korea

trnLtrnF intergenic spacer
atpFatpH intergenic spacer
rbcL gene.

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Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
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