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Drew, Bryan T. [1], Walker, Jay [2], Sytsma, Kenneth J. [3].

Unravelling Species Relationships and Diversification within the Iconic California Floristic Province Sages (Salvia subgenus Audibertia, Lamiaceae).

In the California Floristic Province (CFP) and nearby deserts, 19 species of Salvia (Lamiaceae, Mentheae) form a small but important radiation within chaparral and desert communities. Two sections within these California Salvia have traditionally been recognized, but relationships within each, to each other, and to other Salvia remain unclear. Phylogenetic relationships of within this group were estimated using chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) and nuclear ribosomal DNA (nrDNA) markers. Ancestral character state reconstruction for both vegetative and floral features was done on the resulting nrDNA tree. Biogeographical analysis of the groups within the CA-FP and adjacent floristic provinces was done in BioGeoBEARS and species diversification assessed using BAMM. Conclusions drawn from the study include: 1) California Salvia should be classified into two monophyletic sections, Audibertia (15 spp.) and Echinosphace (4 spp.); 2) nrDNA provides a fairly resolved tree for subg. Audibertia with all species monophyletic; 3) cpDNA and nrDNA trees are strongly incongruent and provide evidence that hybridization and chloroplast capture have played an important role in the evolution of California Salvia; 4) ancestral character reconstruction involving habit, possession of spines, calyx lobing, and staminal features demonstrates a complex (sometimes convergent) evolutionary history for this iconic CFP lineage; 5) The California Salvia lineage probably arose in desert areas and subsequently diversified into the Southwestern California Region and adjacent areas; and 6) this diversification exhibits a slight decrease and increase in speciation and extinction rates, respectively, over the group’s 11 million year history.

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1 - University of NE-Kearney, Biology, 905 W 25th St., Kearney, NE, 68849, USA
2 - Univ. of WI
3 - University of Wisconsin, Department of Botany, 430 Lincoln Drive, Madison, WI, 53706, USA

California Floristic Province

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: 47
Location: Salon 3/The Shaw Conference Centre
Date: Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM
Number: 47003
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