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Cell biology

Sigurdson, Dustin [1], Schoor, Sarah [2], Chuong, Simon D.X. [2].

Characterization of CHUP1 and CLMP1, two genes potentially involved in chloroplast partitioning in the single-cell C4 species (Bienertia sinuspersici).

Bienertia sinuspersici is one of four known terrestrial plant species capable of performing C4 photosynthesis without Kranz anatomy. These single-cell C4 species achieves the spatial and functional separation of carboxylation and decarboxylation reactions by compartmentation of organelles and photosynthetic enzymes in distinct cytoplasmic regions of individual chlorenchyma cells. While expression of photosynthetic enzymes has been studied extensively during development at the cellular level, little is known about the processes responsible for the unique organelle partitioning in B. sinuspersici. To further investigate the mechanisms underlying the intracellular compartmentation of organelles in B. sinuspersici, we characterized two potential candidate genes, chloroplast unusual positioning 1 (CHUP1) and clump1 (CLMP1), known for their role in chloroplast movement. In Arabidopsis thaliana, CHUP1 is required for normal chloroplast movement and relocation whereas CLMP1 is required to keep chloroplasts dispersed throughout the cytoplasm. We have identified cDNA sequences encoding CHUP1 and CLMP1 in B. sinuspersici and examined their transcript levels during leaf development. Transcript levels of CHUP1 and CLMP1 appear to correlate with the onset of single-cell C4 photosynthesis suggesting both may play a role in chloroplast partitioning in B. sinuspersici. Current research examines the subcellular localization of CHUP1 and CLMP1 in B. sinuspersici using translational GFP-fusion constructs.

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1 - University of Waterloo, Biology, 200 University Ave, Waterloo, ON, N2L3G1, Canada
2 - University of Waterloo, Biology, 200 University Ave, Biology, Waterloo, ON, N2L3G1, Canada

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Location: Hall D/The Shaw Conference Centre
Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PCL011
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