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Host/Plant Pathogen Interactions and Plant Health Management

Errampalli, Deena [1], Haldar, Aparna [2], Zwiep, Aaron [3], Chelsea, Jackson [3], Karin, Schneider [3].

The effect of organic fungicide application on apple scab (Venturia inaequalis) on McIntosh apple cultivar in the orchard.

Apple scab disease is caused by the fungal pathogen Venturia inaequalis and can become a problem under favourable conditions in Ontario. This disease can be quite destructive to apple orchards leading to reduced yields and economic losses. Apple scab disease is often hard to manage due to the development of fungicide resistance by V. inaequalis. This study aims to examine the effect of organic fungicides against V. inaequalis to reduce development of apple scab in McIntosh apples in the orchard during the 2014 growing season. The apples were sprayed to run off with three organic fungicides, a water control and a chemical control (N-trichloromethylthio-4-cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboximide, Captan). The three organic fungicides used were 80% Sulphur (Kumulus) and 0.25% Reynoutria sachalinensis and 0.25% pre bloom and 0.75% post bloom R. sachalinensis (Regalia #1 and #2 respectively). Foliar rating scale was used to take weekly observations of the presence of apple scab on ‘McIntosh’ apple tree leaves. Disease ratings on fruits were taken at three times. Observations showed a gradual increase in apple scab disease progression over three months. Two way ANOVA tests were also performed to determine statistical differences between and among all five treatments. The results indicated that Sulphur was the most effective treatment in reducing apple scab disease in ‘McIntosh’ apple leaves and fruits. R. sachalinensis organic fungicide treatment also significantly reduced apple scab disease in ‘McIntosh’ apple fruits.

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1 - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 4902 Victoria Ave N, Vineland, Ontario, L0R2E0, Canada
2 - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada,, 4902 Victoria Ave. N., , Vineland Station, ON, L0R 2E0, Canada
3 - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 4902 Victoria Ave. N., , Vineland Station, ON, L0R 2E0, Canada

apple scab
organic production
Venturia inaequalis
plant diseases.

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Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
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