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Biochemistry, metabolism, carbon flux

Sarker, Lukman [1], Mahmoud, Soheil [1].

Cloning and functional characterization of two monoterpene acetyltransferases from glandular trichomes of L. x intermedia.

Lavender, known for its unique blend of volatile compounds, is a small aromatic shrub used in the production of perfume and antiseptics, as well as for aromatherapy and alternative medicine. Lavender essential oil (EO) is dominated by monoterpenoids. In this study, two monoterpene acetyltransferase cDNA clones (LiAAT-3 and LiAAT-4) were isolated from L. x intermedia glandular trichomes, and expressed in bacteria to produce and functionally characterize the encoded proteins in vitro. The recombinant LiAAT-3 and LiAAT-4 proteins had molecular weights of ca. 47 and 49 kDa, respectively, and found to be converting primary monoterpenoids into their respective esters. Recombinant proteins were used for enzymatic assays to study their kinetics properties. These kinetic properties are in the range of those reported for other plant acetyltransferases, and indicate that LiAAT-4 has a better catalytic efficiency than LiAAT-3. Transcripts for both genes were abundant in L. angustifolia and L. x intermedia flowers, where monoterpene acetates are produced, and were undetectable (or present in trace quantities) in L. latifolia flowers, which do not accumulate significant amounts of these metabolites.

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1 - University of British Columbia, Biology, 1177 research rd, Biology, Kelowna, BC, v1v1v7, Canada

L. x intermedia
Essential oil
Alcohol acetyltransferase.

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Session: 43
Location: Hall A/The Shaw Conference Centre
Date: Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
Time: 11:30 AM
Number: 43006
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