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Everett, Amanda [1], Simpson, Michael [2].

The Molecular Systematics of Pogogyne (Lamiaceae), a California Vernal Pools Endemic.

The vernal pools of the California Floristic Province are shallow depressions that formâ€Â¨on flat mesas, terraces, and grasslands. They are characterized by complete inundation during winter and early spring, and desiccating dryness through the summer. These geologically recent small-scale ecosystems host an abundance of endemics, including many showy annual plant species that have adapted and radiated within the vernal pool habitat. Pogogyne is a genus of eight (seven extant) vernal pool annuals thought by Silveira and Simpson (2013) to have diverged from a most recent common ancestor roughly 0.9 to 1.9 million years ago in a rapid diversification the followed the adaptation to a vernal pool habitat. Silveira and Simpson (2013) studied this group using a single chloroplast marker, ITS, and ETS, regions. Their study failed to resolve the majority of the nodes within the genus because the markers used lacked sufficient variation for the analysis of rapidly radiating, low-level taxa. Here I describe a preliminary study of the genus using data obtained from genome skimming used in separate Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian analyses. Despite the vast improvement in the number of informative characters obtained using this technique, the phylogenies produced from each region were discordant at several nodes, thus necessitating a different approach for the elucidation of this recalcitrant phylogeny. Future work will be based on data collected using a different technique, Restriction-site Associated DNA Sequencing (RADseq), to discover numerous single nucleotide polymorphisms from the whole genome, including nuclear regions. Subsequent analyses will include phylogenetic reconstruction using Maximum Likelihood and statistical tests for introgression.

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1 - San Diego State University, Biology, 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diege, CA, 92182, USA
2 - San Diego State University, Biology, 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA, 92182

Vernal Pool.

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Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
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