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Mammadov, T. S. [1], Hasanova, M. Y. [1], Bagirli, S. [1], Aliyeva, Sh. [1].

Comparative Monitoring Of Trees And Shrubs In Modern Azerbaijan Dendroflora.

In 2006-2014 years for the purpose of reworking of “Azerbaijan flora” were organized an expedition to the regions of Azerabijan, during this expedition we have picked herbaries. There are 1116 species belonging to 92 families and 266 species of our natural and cultural flora in Azerbaijan dendroflora. On the basis of different literatural materials were known that according the first variant from them 10 families, 26 species, 110 species belong to Angiospermae,  83 families, 242 species, 1006 kinds belong to Gymnospermae plants. Also according investigated forms of trees and bushes were known that from these species 558 are trees ((50, 2%), 512 species are bushes (45, 9%), 46 species (3, 9%) are ivies. At present time in our Republic were determined more than 250 rare plant from floristic zoneswoody and bushy plants. The relation of plants to following floristic zones is belonging to 140 families, 108 species. It is revealed in: 184 species (18,5 %) from Europe, 580 species (58,5 %) from Asia, 116 species (16,4 %) from America, 23 species (3,2 %) from Africa, 25 species (3,5 %) from Australia. From them 67 species are Caucasian endemic, 40 species are Azerbaijan endemic, 4 species are relict. From rare plants  41 species  are Fabaceae (Leguminosae Juss) plants, 36 species are Asteracea Dum (Compositae) plants, 29 species are Labiatae (Lamiaceae) plants. From rare plants 65 species are found in Nakhchivan AR, 36 species in Lenkeran.

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1 - Institute of Dendrology of ANAS, Mardakan setle., S.Yesenin str.89, Baku, Az1044, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan dendroflora

Presentation Type: Recent Topics Poster
Session: P
Location: Hall D/The Shaw Conference Centre
Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PRT009
Abstract ID:1791
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