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Plant Resilience to Climate Challenges

Wasteneys, Geoffrey O. [1].

Plant Resilience to Climate Challenges.

Seven billion humans on planet Earth in combination with the changing climate have made agriculture and forestry more challenging than ever before. Identifying and understanding the mechanisms by which plants respond and adapt to abiotic stress is the critical first step towards promoting plant resilience. This symposium will highlight the diverse strategies in both pure and applied research that are currently employed to understand how plants and algae cope with osmotic stress, salt stress and drought. These research strategies include phenomics, QTL mapping, chemical genomics, proteomics, biochemistry and cell biology using model systems ranging from marine algae to trees.

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drought stress
salt stress
osmotic stress
stress response QTL
ABA receptors
natural variation
dimethylsulfoniopropionate metabolism
marine algae
Arabidopsis thaliana
boreal forests
water use efficiency
climate change

Presentation Type: Symposium Presentation
Session: SY18
Location: Hall A/The Shaw Conference Centre
Date: Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
Time: 1:30 PM
Number: SY18SUM
Abstract ID:23
Candidate for Awards:None

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