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Conservation Biology

Cattani, Douglas John [1], Grieger, Ardelle [1].

Flowering in disturbed, semi-native plant communities: Understanding community flowering for polyculture development.

Ecosystem services often refer to pollinator support as a key service. If we are to develop agricultural polyculture systems to aid in retaining the biodiversity within agricultural systems, an understanding of flowering within communities is necessary. Due to the degradation of prairie sites in this region, sites disturbed due to road construction adjacent to native communities and since allowed to regrow were utilized. Following a transect through each site, flowering was observed on a weekly basis at three sites in southern Manitoba in 2010 through 2013. Two sites were observed for four growing seasons and the other site for three growing seasons (2011-2013). Mean initial date of flowering and duration of flowering were determined for species flowering in at least three growing seasons. Analysis (PROC MIXED) of flowering duration for introduced dicot species versus native dicot species indicated introduced species flowered for a longer period of time than for native species. Introduced species present (predominantly perennial agricultural species), in general, initiated flowering in the middle of the growing season. Early and late season flowering initiation was favoured by native species. Taraxacum officinale Weber and Odontites vernus are notable exceptions, being an introduced early and and an introduced late season flowering species. Construction of polyculture systems to provide dicot flowering across the full growing season will need to include a number of non-agricultural species.

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1 - University of Manitoba, Plant Science, Room 222, 66 Dafoe Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2, Canada

flowering initiation
flowering duration

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Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
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