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Shay, Jackie [1], Desjardin, Dennis [1].

Biodiversity and phylogeny of Marasmius from Madagascar.

Members of the mushroom genus Marasmius (Marasmiaceae, Agaricales) play key roles in the decomposition of leaf litter and woody debris in tropical rainforest ecosystems. The biodiversity of this genus is still poorly understood, despite recent interest in the paleotropics (Asia and Africa). Previous work has indicated that when studying litter-decomposition fungi from under-explored tropical habitats with high levels of endemism, nearly 80% of mushroom species encountered represent new species. In this project we focus on Marasmius in the rainforests of Madagascar, a well-known biodiversity hotspot that has become a region of focus for understanding evolution. This research is based on data generated from 49 collections made during a one-month expedition in January–February 2014, and from 21 borrowed exsiccata representing 19 previously reported species from Madagascar. Species will be delimited using morphological characteristics and DNA sequence data. It is anticipated that the recent collections will contain more than 20 novel species. Comprehensive descriptions of macro- and micromorphological features, illustrations, photographs, a dichotomous key to aid identification, comparisons with similar taxa, and molecular phylogenetic reconstructions based on ITS sequence data will be provided for each species. The result will be a comprehensive preliminary monograph of species of Marasmius from Madagascar. Future researchers will have indefinite access to the sequences extracted from Malagasy Marasmius for comparisons with other tropical species and newly collected material, allowing for a better understanding of the phylogeography and evolutionary history of the genus.

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1 - San Francisco State University , Biology, 1600 Holloway Avenue , Hensill Hall, Room 538, San Francisco, CA, 94132, USA


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