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Population Genetics

Roche, Morgan [1], Jordon-Thaden, Ingrid [2], Hayes, Daniel [1], Boni, Alexandra [3], Martine, Chris [2].

Population genetics of two study systems using ddRADtag and HiSeq Illumina.

This study employs ddRADtag with double digestion followed by HiSeq Illumina sequencing, to compare genetic variation within and among regionally sympatric populations in two separate study systems: Australian Solanum spp (Solanaceae). and North American Cordillera Draba oligosperma (Brassicaceae). The six spiny Australian species are: S. asymmetriphyllum, S. clarkiae, S. cowiei, S. dioicum-Tanami, S. echinatum, and S. sejunctum. For this Solanum study 21 populations and approximately 400 individuals were analyzed. For Draba oligosperma, 29 populations of 20 individuals per population were included. Detailed information about the a priori choosing the pair of restriction enzymes and the further laboratory steps to prepare the ddRADtag libraries will be presented. Various levels of multiplexing individuals were tested for sequencing depth.

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1 - Bucknell University, Biology C/o C. Martine, 1 Dent Drive, Lewisburg, PA, 17837, USA
2 - Bucknell University, Biological Sciences, 203 Biology Building, Lewisburg, PA, 17837, USA, 570/577-1135
3 - Bucknell University, Biology Dept, Biology Bldg 203, Lewisburg, PA, 17837, USA

population genetics
restriction enzymes.

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Location: Hall D/The Shaw Conference Centre
Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PPG005
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