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Rodiguez, Rosa [1], Veloz, Alberto [2], Bastardo, Ruth [3].

Floristic composition in the savannas of the National Park Jose del Carmen Ramirez, Dominican Republic.

The Savannas of the Dominican Republic represent a unique and sensitive ecosystem dominate mostly by Danthonia domingensis (Poaceae). Anthropogenic activities in these ecosystems contribute to the loss of diversity and increment of invasive species. These Savannas can be found in Central Cordillera, Sierra de Bahoruco and Sierra de Neiba. The main objective of this research is to determine the floristic composition of Savanna de Macutico, Savanna Nueva and Savanna Vieja in Jose del Carmen Ramirez National Park, Central Cordillera. Data collection was performed in 2014. The Savannahs were divided into plots of 1m2 and data diversity and abundance of species in each plot were taken; these data were subsequently analyzed on Biodiversity pro program. Savanna Nueva has the highest number of endemic species (31%), while Savanna Macutico has the lowest (18%). Savanna Vieja has the highest number of native species (67%), while Sabana Nueva has the lowest (49%). The cluster analysis shows that Macutico Savanna is the most different floristically speaking while Savanna Nueva and Savanna Vieja are very similar. Margaleff index indicates Savanna Vieja is the most diverse savanna while Savanna Macutico is the least diverse. From these results we can infer that in impacted areas the number of native species probably increased because many of Dominican species act as pioneers. However, when the impact is anthropogenic and frequent introduced species increase while pioneer native species decrease.

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1 - 7650 SW 55th AVE APT A, Miami, FL, 33143, USA
2 - Jardin Botanico Nacional, Botany, Republica de Colombia, Los Proceres, Santo Domingo, 21-9, DOM
3 - Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, Instituto de Investigaciones Botanicas y Zoologicas, Alma Mater, Santo Domingo, 10105, Dominican Republic

Danthonia domingensis
Dominican Republic

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Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
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