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Host/Plant Pathogen Interactions and Plant Health Management

Li, Hongjie [1], Hwang, Sheau-Fang [2], Chang, Kanfa [3], Conner, Robert L. [4], Strelkov, Stephen. E. [5].

Identification of effective sources of resistance to cereal cyst nematode in wheat germplasm from Canada and the USA.

Cereal cyst nematode (CCN, Heterodera avenae and H. filipjevi) is an increasingly important pathogen that threatens wheat production in China. The lack of effective resistance sources has limited breeding efforts for managing CCN. Field tests were carried out in Xingyang (H. avenae) and Xuchang (H. filipjevi) to examine the reactions to CCN of over 100 genotypes of common wheat and durum wheat cultivars, as well as wheat-tall wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum) partial amphiploids. The durum cultivars Wascana and Wacooma from Canada, Madsen, a common wheat cultivar from Washington, USA, and the wheat-tall wheatgrass partial amphiploids SS485 and SS498 were highly resistant to both species of Heterodera, as shown by the small number of white females that developed on their roots. Histological examination revealed that fewer nematode juveniles were able to penetrate the roots compared with the susceptible genotypes, which indicates that a mechanism exists to prevent penetration by the nematode juveniles. Inoculation tests demonstrated that these common wheat and durum wheat cultivars were resistant to CCN pathotypes from different wheat producing regions. The transfer of the CCN resistance to local wheat cultivars has resulted in the identification of a large number of breeding lines with resistance to CCN. Recombinant inbred line (RIL) populations have been developed for mapping the QTLs for CCN resistance. Since the majority of commercial wheat cultivars currently used in most regions are highly susceptible to CCN, these newly identified sources of resistance to local CCN pathotypes offer an opportunity to improve CCN resistance in China.

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1 - Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Crop Sciences, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidan District, Beijing, 100081, China
2 - Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Research and Innovation, Crop Diversification Centre North, 17507 Fort Road, Edmonton Alberta, AB, T5Y 6H3, Canada
3 - Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Research and Innovation, Crop Diversification Centre North, 17507 Fort Road, Edmonton, AB, T5Y 6H3, Canada
4 - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Morden Research Centre, 101 Route 100, Unit 100, Morden, MB, R6M 1Y5, Canada
5 - University of Alberta, Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science, 4-16B Agriculture/Forestry Ctr, University of Alberta, Edmonton , AB, T6G 2P5, Canada

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Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM
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