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Husbands, Dillon .R. [1], Henkel, Terry .W. [2], Obase, Keisuke [3], Smith, Matthew .E. [3], Uehling, Jessie .K. [4], Bonito, Gregory [5], Aime, M. Catherine [1].

New taxa of Boletaceae from Guyana.

Guyana, situated on the northeastern coast of South America, contains one of the largest remaining blocks of tropical wildland. Eighty-five percent of the country’s total land area of 214,960 square kilometers is covered by primary tropical rain forest. Among other features, these forests are reservoirs for a rich assemblage of fungi. Multi-year plot studies in the Upper Potaro River Basin have uncovered over 175 putative and confirmed species of ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi alone, as well as a plethora of saprobic and parasitic species. In this study, we continue our efforts to document the Guyanese ECM mycota, by introducing three new genera and species of Boletaceae. Additionally, a fourth species, Xerocomus inundabilis, originally described from central Brazilian Amazon solely from the type material, is redescribed from numerous collections from Guyana. These boletes occur in forests dominated by ECM trees in the leguminous genera Dicymbe and Aldina and the dipterocarp genus Pakaraimaea. Macromorphological, micromorphological, habitat, and ecological data are provided for each species. Molecular data from ITS and 28S rDNA and RPB1 indicate that these Guyanese taxa are evolutionarily distinct from all described genera and generic-level clades within the Boletaceae.

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1 - Purdue University , Botany and Plant Pathology, 915 West State St, , West Lafayette, IN, 47907-2054, USA
2 - Humboldt State University, Department of Biological Sciences, Arcata, California, 95521, USA
3 - University of Florida, Department of Plant Pathology, Gainesville, Florida, 32611, USA
4 - Duke University, University Program in Genetics & Genomics, Durham, North Carolina , 27708, USA
5 - Michigan State University, Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, East Lansing, Michigan, 48824, USA

Guiana Shield
neotropical fungi.

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