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Systematics Section/ASPT

Tungmunnithum, Duangjai [1].

Morphological and Molecular Evidences of the Greatest Variable Monochoria Species in Thailand.

Monochoria vaginalis (Burm.f.) C. Presl ex Kunth is a member of the family Pontederiaceae, distributes in tropical and subtropical Asia, Africa, and Australia. M.vaginalis exhibits great variation in leaf, inflorescent, number of flower per inflorescence and floral parts, so it’s well known as the highest morphological variable species within the genus Monochoria. This morphological plasticity has made its taxonomic status still unclear. Previous studies about this taxon is mainly focused on morphology from herbarium specimens and a few living plants, thus some easily observed characters from the living specimens are absent from descriptions and keys in all worldwide revision works and previous published floras. Though M.vaginalis has already reported in the Flora of Thailand for a decade that it is a single species without any intraspecific taxa, the Flora of Thailand didn’t cover all the variations of M.vaginalis populations in Thailand because of insufficient number of specimens examined, especially living plant materials. Besides we don’t have adequate details in species descriptions and key in the Flora of Thailand. Consequently, our research aimed to explore all the variations of the M.vaginalis populations in Thailand so as to examine patterns of intraspecific and interspecific variations within and between populations. Furthermore, our study is the first molecular report for this taxon in Thailand to fulfill molecular data which is one of the useful tools for clarify taxonomic problem. We collected and intense investigated morphology of 244 living specimens of M. vaginalis from 10 populations which covered the current distribution in Thailand. We also studied 75 herbarium specimens from AAU, BCU, BK, BKF, KYO, L, M, and TNS. DNA sequencing and phylogenetic relationship from all populations were analyzed using both nuclear and chloroplast DNA regions. Our studies base on intensive morphological and molecular analysis indicated that M.vaginalis in Thailand consists of more than 1 taxa. To convince this taxonomic status, numerical taxonomy, palynology and anatomy will be examined in our future works to reach perfect taxonomic conclusions.

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1 - Chulalongkorn University, Department of Botany, Faculty of Science , Phyathai, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

morphological analysis
phylogenetic analysis

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Session: 50
Location: Salon 10/The Shaw Conference Centre
Date: Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM
Number: 50003
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