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Cell biology

Yamaguchi, Masatoshi [1], Nagahage, Isura [1], Misato, Ohtani [2], Toshiki, Ishikawa [1], Hirofumi, Uchimiya [1], Hiroo, Fukuda [3], Maki, Kawai-Yamada [1], Taku, Demura [2].

NAC domain transcription factors interacting with VND7, a key regulator of xylem vessel differentiation.

The Arabidopsis thaliana NAC domain transcription factor VASCULAR-RELATED NAC-DOMAIN7 (VND7) acts as a master regulator of the differentiation of xylem vessels. To understand the mechanism by which VND7 regulates xylem vessel differentiation, we used a yeast two-hybrid system to screen for proteins that interact with VND7, and identified cDNAs encoding two NAC domain proteins, VND-INTERACTING1 (VNI1) and VNI2. It has been shown that VNI2 is a transcriptional repressor, and inhibits transcriptional activity of VND7 during xylem vessel differentiation (ref 1). Recently, VNI1 and its closest homolog, ANAC103, were also characterized. Both VNI1 and ANAC103 interacted in vitro not only with VND proteins but also with other NAC domain proteins, such as NAC1 and CUC2. A transient expression assay showed that both VNI1 and ANAC103 are transcriptional activators. ANAC103 promoter activity was detected in vascular tissues, as well as in the trichomes, guard cells, and margins of young leaves. These data suggest that ANAC103 would be as a possible interactor with VND7 in vascular tissues, and VNI1 and ANAC103 promote the differentiation of various types of cells by modulating the transcriptional activities of a wide range of NAC domain transcription factors (ref. 2).

1) Yamaguchi et al. (2010) Plant Cell 22: 1249–1263
2) Yamaguchi et al. (2015) Plant Biotechnology in press

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1 - Saitama University, Grad. Sci. Eng., 255 Shimo-ohkubo, Sakura-ku,, Saitama, Saitama, 338-8570, Japan
2 - NAIST, Grad. Bio. Sci., 8916-5 Takayama-cho,, Ikoma, Nara, 630-0192, Japan
3 - Tokyo Univ., Grad. Bio. Sci., 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan

NAC transcription factors

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Date: Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
Time: 8:15 AM
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