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Lee, Jungho [1], Lee, Minjee [2], Park, Jihye [2], Sohn, Seong-Han [3], Won, Hyosig [4].

Plastid genome diversity from four populations of Iris laevigata, Iridaceae, based on complete chloroplast genomic sequences.

Iris laevigata of Iridaceae is protected by law as endangered plant in Korea. The species occurs in around Korean peninsula including Japan, Jilin in China and East Russia. We have investigated genetic diversity of Iris laevigata using matK, ITS and AFLP from 11 populations of four countries. Here, chloroplast genomes from the four country populations were complete sequenced. Cp-genome of Korean population was the smallest among populations. Chloroplast genomes were 151,081~151,090-bp in size; LSC 81,144~81,147, IR 26,022, and SSC 17,893~17,899. This species has stable chloroplast genomic structure by having the identical border sequences between IR and SC regions. Though IR sequence was identical among populations, variation occurs in Single Copy regions, LSC and SSC. Variation occurs in 9 genes, 7 introns, and 24 IGSs among populations. The variation were 1-bp SSR and 8 SNPs in genic regions, 1-bp and 2-bp SSRs and 4 SNP in introns, and 36 variation sites in IGS regions.

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1 - Green Plant Institute, B-0301, Heungdeok IT Valley, 13 Heungdeok 1-ro, Giheung, Yongin, Gyeonggi, 446-908, South Korea
2 - Green Plant Institute
3 - RDA, 2Genomics Division, National Academy of Agricultural Science (NAAS), Jeonju, Jeonbuk, 560-500, South Korea
4 - Daegu University, Department of Biological Science, 201 Daegudaero, Jillyang, Gyungsan, Gyungbuk, 712-714, South Korea

chloroplast genome
Iris laevigata

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Date: Monday, July 27th, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM
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