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  ·  Ecological diversification and niche evolution in the temperate zone’s largest genus: Carex
  ·  Morphospaces, Morphometrics, and Phylogenetics
  ·  Phylogenetic approaches to understanding biodiversity and endemism
  ·  The evolutionary importance of polyploidy
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  ·  Botany 2015 Colloquium: Phylogenomics and the 1000 plants (1KP) initiative 

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Monday, July 27th

Monday, July 27th, 1:30 pm to 5:45 pm · Salon 10/The Shaw Conference Centre
Session SY06: Symposium: Morphospaces, Morphometrics, and Phylogenetics
Presiding: Juerg Schoenenberger, University of Vienna
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SY06002July 27th 1:45 pmSalon 10/The Shaw Conference CentreMorphospaces in evolutionary biology: state of the art and challenges
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Symposium PresentationGerber, Sylvain.Morphospace
Theoretical morphology
morphological disparity
SY06003July 27th 2:15 pmSalon 10/The Shaw Conference CentreStatistical shape analysis of complex symmetry in botany
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Symposium PresentationSavriama, Yoland.radial flower symmetry
bilateral flower symmetry
fluctuating asymmetry
developmental instability
natural selection
Procrustes superimposition
directional asymmetry
Procrustes ANOVA
SY06004July 27th 2:45 pmSalon 10/The Shaw Conference CentrePhylomorphospace: combining morphospace and phylogeny
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Symposium PresentationPerrard, Adrien.Comparative analysis
Ancestral state
Rapid radiation
Phylogenetic signal
July 27th 3:15 pmSalon 10/The Shaw Conference CentreBreak
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SY06006July 27th 3:45 pmSalon 10/The Shaw Conference CentreHypothesis testing in circumscription-resistant lineages: morphometric methods for estimating patterns of floral evolution in species complexes
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Symposium PresentationJolles, Diana; Johnson, Melissa; Stoughton, Thomas; Roberts, Julian.Cyrtandra
floral morphology
species complex
SY06007July 27th 4:15 pmSalon 10/The Shaw Conference CentreThe evolution of shape and size in the pollen of Myrtales
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Symposium PresentationKriebel, Ricardo; Berger, Brent; Spalink, Daniel; Reginato, Marcelo; Sytsma, Kenneth J..elliptic Fourier analysis
SY06008July 27th 4:45 pmSalon 10/The Shaw Conference CentreHow (much) do flowers vary? – The floral morphospace of Ericales
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Symposium PresentationChartier, Marion; Gerber, Sylvain; Lofstrand, Stefan; von Balthazar, Maria; Jabbour, Florian; Sauquet, Herve; Crane, Peter; Schoenenberger, Juerg.Ericales
flower morphology
morphological diversity
July 27th 5:15 pmSalon 10/The Shaw Conference CentreDiscussion
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