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12006Salon 1/The Shaw Conference CentreVariation in ploidy in the ascomycete entomopathogens Metarhizium majus and M. guizhouense
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Mycological SectionPaperRehner, Stephen Austin; Kepler, Ryan M..autopolyploidy
mating system
13006Salon 6/The Shaw Conference CentreVariation in Pollination Syndromes, Mating Systems and Moth Oviposition Preferences for Co-flowering Silene in Yunnan, China
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Pollination BiologyPaperMontgomery, Benjamin R.; Huang, Shuang-Quan; Radich, Andrew J..Pollination syndrome
pollen/ovule ratio
brood pollination
14006Salon 19/20/The Shaw Conference Centre35 years of breeding---New low-light tolerant Canadian citrus and edible plants for the home indoor windowsill environment and greenhouse industry
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HorticulturePaperNair, M.P.M.; Tanino, Karen.low light tolerant
indoor windowsill
food security
15006Salon 5/The Shaw Conference CentreManoxylic seed ferns from Exposure A at Oxroad Bay (Tournasian) East Lothian, Scotland
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Paleobotanical SectionPaperDunn, Michael; Rothwell, Gar W..Manoxylic
Oxroad Bay
Seed Ferns
16006Salon 11/The Shaw Conference CentreMeiotic sex ratios in the Mojave Desert moss Syntrichia caninervis
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Bryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSPaperJimenez Luna, Israel.PCR-RFLP
Meiotic sex ratios
Moss Syntrichia caninervis
18006Salon 3/The Shaw Conference CentreNYBG Contributions to World Flora Online – Digitization of the Flora Neotropica Monographs
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Systematics Section/ASPTPaperZimmerman, Charles J.; Tulig, Melissa; Thomas, William Wayt; Thiers, Barbara.World Flora Online
Flora Neotropica
Digital Monographs
New York Botanical Garden
Plant Taxonomy
19006Salon 9/The Shaw Conference CentreBiogeographical patterns of the Melastomataceae of the Atlantic Forest
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Systematics Section/ASPTPaperMichelangeli, Fabian; Reginato, Marcelo; Caddah, Mayara K.; Goldenberg, Renato.Melastomataceae
Atlantic Forest
20005Salon 13/14/The Shaw Conference CentreEvaluating the role of mitochondrial alternative oxidase during nitrogen assimilation
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Biotic and abiotic stressPaperMartyn, Greg; Hayes, Fallon; Vanlerberghe, Greg.Nitrogen Assimilation
Alternative Oxidase
21006Salon 17/18/The Shaw Conference CentreSoil traits impact on female frequency of a gynodioecious prairie plant, Lobelia spicata
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Ecological SectionPaperByers, Diane L.; Rippel, Tyler M.; Philips, Robert W..gynodioecy
environmental sex specific selection
female frequency
C2004Salon 8/The Shaw Conference CentreA time-calibrated road map of Brassicaceae evolutionary history
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Recent advances in phylogeny and systematics of BrassicaceaeColloquiumKoch, Marcus; Hohmann, Nora.Divergence time estimates
SY04004Salon 4/The Shaw Conference CentreStrategies to Enhance Student Learning
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Blended Learning and Educational Technology to enhance BiologySymposiumArthur, Peter.student learning
Blended Learning
Two-Stage Exams
Open Educational Resources
SY05004Salon 2/The Shaw Conference CentrePutting it all together: Modulation of the interplay between plant immunity and fungal virulence by environmental factors
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Basic and applied approaches to improve disease resistance in plantsSymposiumSharon, Amir; Liang, Ma; Wenjun, Zhu; Eisner, Elad; Shlezinger, Neta.Botrytis
SY06004Salon 10/The Shaw Conference CentrePhylomorphospace: combining morphospace and phylogeny
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Morphospaces, Morphometrics, and PhylogeneticsSymposiumPerrard, Adrien.Comparative analysis
Ancestral state
Rapid radiation
Phylogenetic signal

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