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12004Salon 1/The Shaw Conference CentreRemoval of anthracene by a new MnP gene from Peniophora incarnata KUC8836 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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Mycological SectionPaperLee, Aslan Hwanhwi; Kim, Jae-Jin.Anthracene
Peniophora incarnata
manganese-dependent peroxidase (MnP) 
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
White rot wood decay fungi
13004Salon 6/The Shaw Conference CentreEffect of flower size-dependent anther-stigma separation on mating pattern of Tulipa iliensis
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Pollination BiologyPaperAbdusalam, Aysajan.mating pattern
flower size
Pollen deposition
14004Salon 19/20/The Shaw Conference CentreScaling up lingonberry micropropagation in liquid media using a bioreactor system
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HorticulturePaperArigundam, Usha; Marshall, H.Dawn; Debnath, Samir.C.Micropropagation
semi-solid media
stationary immersion
temporary immersion
15004Salon 5/The Shaw Conference CentreRe-Examining Zingiberales Fossils Using Leaf Venation
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Paleobotanical SectionPaperSalvi, Amanda M.; Smith, Selena Y.; Benedict, John C.; Leong-Škorničková, Jana; Specht, Chelsea.Zingiberales
vein length per area
vein divergence angle
16004Salon 11/The Shaw Conference CentreSecondary Metabolite Trait Matrices for Lichen Community Modeling
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Bryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSPaperZemp, Nicholas; Holt, Emily; Nelson, Peter.
17004Salon 15/16/The Shaw Conference CentreEvidence for genetic pollution of a California native tree, Platanus racemosa, via recent, ongoing introgressive hybridization with an introduced ornamental species
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Genetics SectionPaperJohnson, Matthew; Lang, Kylene; Schierenbeck, Kristina; Manos, Paul.hybridization
18004Salon 3/The Shaw Conference CentreThe World Flora Online – Achieving Target 1 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation
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Systematics Section/ASPTPaperMiller, Chuck.WFO
World Flora Online
19004Salon 9/The Shaw Conference CentreSystematic Identification of African Sapindaceae using DNA Barcoding
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Systematics Section/ASPTPaperOnuminya, Temitope; Ogundipe, Oluwatoyin.Africa
DNA barcodes
Molecular identification
20003Salon 13/14/The Shaw Conference CentreThe Role of Ureides during Abiotic Stress
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Biotic and abiotic stressPaperSouter, Jodi R.; Todd, Christopher D..Ureide
Abiotic stress
reactive oxygen species
Uric Acid
21004Salon 17/18/The Shaw Conference CentreThe challenge of constructing peatland reclamations: The effect of soil moisture and sodium concentration on plant community establishment
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Ecological SectionPaperHouse, Melissa; Vitt, Dale H.; Glaeser, Lilyan; Hartsock, Jeremy; Ebbs, Stephen.reclamation
Community Assembly
Soil Moisture
Sodium concentration
C2003Salon 8/The Shaw Conference CentreResolving Brassicaceae phylogeny using nuclear genes facilitates molecular clock estimates of major branches, character reconstruction and analysis of gene family evolution
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Recent advances in phylogeny and systematics of Brassicaceae ColloquiumMa, Hong; Huang, Chien-Hsun; Sun, Renran; Hu, Yi; Zeng, Liping; Zhang, Ning; Cai, Liming; Edger, Patrick; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan; Pires, J. Chris; Koch, Marcus; Tan, Dun-Yan.Brassicaceae
Molecular clock
Nuclear genes
Morphological characters
SY04003Salon 4/The Shaw Conference CentreThe Lecture Hall as an Arena of Inquiry: Using Cinematic Lectures and Inverted Classes (CLIC) to Flip an Introductory Biology Lecture Course
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Blended Learning and Educational Technology to enhance BiologySymposiumMarcey, David J..flipped classes
flipped classroom
Active learning
online lectures
cinematic lectures
Blended Learning
flipped pedagogy
hybrid learning
hybrid classes
SY05003Salon 2/The Shaw Conference CentreThe NPR1 Salicylic acid receptor: Trailblazing from basic science to commercialization
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Basic and applied approaches to improve disease resistance in plantsSymposiumDespres, Charles.Arabidopsis
salicylic acid
SY06003Salon 10/The Shaw Conference CentreStatistical shape analysis of complex symmetry in botany
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Morphospaces, Morphometrics, and PhylogeneticsSymposiumSavriama, Yoland.radial flower symmetry
bilateral flower symmetry
fluctuating asymmetry
developmental instability
natural selection
Procrustes superimposition
directional asymmetry
Procrustes ANOVA

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